My name is Miik Wells

[“mike”, He/Him/His, Black/Indigenous]

Curator & Conductor of INNER EQUITY

Cheshire Catalyst of Connectivity

Cultivator of Social EcoSystems

I embody curiosity, playfulness, and adventure as a catalyst and conductor of social learning and development.

I facilitate dynamic, interactive, and engaging experiences for us to play, practice, and collaborate toward sustainable, equitable, and just connecting and relating.

@miikwells on IG



~ an interactive exploration of our internal relationships to self ~

~ an opportunity to own the ways we dis/connect, dis/engage, and dis/regard dimensions of ourselves ~

~ a practice of cultivating a more connective, collaborative self ~

~ a personal way for us to do “The Work” of social equity ~

Ongoing by Appt I Phone or Zoom

Conversation, Consultation, Coaching, Facilitation

TUES October 29th I BRIDGE Conference

School's Out Washington Bridge Conference 2019

SUN November 3rd I Seattle (Roosevelt)

Very Sheri Love Church

Listen To & Watch Miik

A Call To Serve with Andrea Ranae [e14]